My 12 yrs old daughter has lead in her blood.

Follow up the level. Lead toxicity could be dangerous at any age. Affects children because their brain are still developing. Please make sure to follow up with a physician.
Where from, how high. These are the most important questions. It is unusual for 12 year olds to develop lead poisoning. Your physician should contact the county lead agency to investigate the source of lead so it can be removed. If the level is low enough, no other treatment is needed other than removal of the source. Higher levels require specific treatment. .
Consult doctor. Discuuss with your doctor , what is the lead level and how serious it is and she may or may not need any treatment depending upon blood lead level. Also check your daughter for anemia .She should avoid contact with paints containing lead such as peeling off wall pains or toys .
Plumbism. The mainstays of treatment are removal from the source of lead and, for people who have significantly high blood lead levels or who have symptoms of poisoning, chelation therapy. usually the removal of the source and monitoring to assure the levels are improving is sufficient. MAYO Clinic Link: <a href="