My son has to go see a pediatric surgeon what questions should I ask?

What for? For what procedure your son is going for ?. First visit the surgeon, after taking history and physical examination the surgeon will tell you about procedure in simple lay man terms, risks and benifits , most likely will tell , accepts your insurence or you have to pay from your pocket, then you can ask , most likely every thing will be explained. If you can't speak english ask for translator.
What operation? Generic questions to ask should include the length of the operation, method of anesthesia, post-op recovery (in-patient, return to baseline), complications-, risks-, alternatives, and benefits of the operation, # of operations of this type performed by this surgeon and outcome, pain management after surgery, to name a few. Of course, each operation has unique questions based on the diagnosis.
Pedi surgery. What is ur son going2see pedi surgeon 4? Obviously u need2find out if the surgeon is part of ur ins. Network and if u need a referral. More importantly u need2ask the qs. Relevant2the type of srgery ur son is going2have. U need2know how many similar surgeries he/she has performed, how many good and bad outcomes, the hospital length of stay, is anesthesiologist in network 4ins., likely complicatons.
Key questions. Without knowing the reason, it is key to understand the surgeon's experience and whether pediatric anesthesia puts the child to sleep. If an in hospital procedure, is it a free-standing children's hospital or a hospital within a hospital rather than an adult facility that does an occasional child.
It depends. what is the reason for beeng seen by surgeon?The common questions are:Board sertifications, level of expirience,options of treatment.

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My son has to go and see a pediatric surgeon what questions should I ask about?

Make a list. Sit down in advance (with your child if he is old enough) and make a list of questions you might have. You may want to know how the doctor decides if surgery is needed. What other choices there are, how would the surgery be done, what type of anesthesia, how long will the recovery take, and other questions. Take the list with you to visit the surgeon and write down the answers you discuss. Read more...
Depends. Depends a little on what he is being seen for. Usually it will be for correction of a hernia, circumsicion or some minoor surgical procedure. Usual questions i get asked are "is the surgery necessary/" "how many of these surgeries have you done?" "explain the surgery to me in detail." one must feel comfortable with the surgeon as you are entrusting your child to him/her. Read more...