What are the different centers in pediatric oncology?

There are several. Almost all children with cancer treated in the United States are treated at centers belonging to the children's oncology group. If you go to their website, childrensoncologygroup.Org, you will be able to search for member centers near you.
Childrens Onc Group. The children's oncology group web site - www.Childrensoncologygroup.Org maintains a list of pediatric oncology centers that participate in cog.
There are many. Virtually every children's hospital in the USA has a pediatric oncology program. You are fortunate to live in Dallas, TX, where Children's Medical Center in Dallas and Cook's Medical Center in Ft. Worth are both outstanding centers for Pediatric oncology.
If you meant..... Where do people receive treatment, there are treatment centers all around the country, typically located in population centers at tertiary care medical centers. A list of centers and trained professionals in pediatric hematology/oncology can be found on the children's oncology group website, which is www.Childrensoncologygroup.Org.
Ex: Johns Hopkins. •bone marrow transplant program •histiocytic disorders program •hodgkin's disease program •immunology program •leukemia program •long-term survivors program •musculoskeletal tumor program •neuro-oncology program.

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Can you please describe the differents careers in pediatric oncology?

It takes a village.. In addition to md specialists, there are many who help provide care for a child with cancer. A partial list includes oncology nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dietitians, social workers, medical assistants, child life specialists and researchers (basic science, translational medicine, epidemiology). Read more...
Many paths. There are many paths in pediatric oncology you could be a pediatric oncology physician, surgeon, nurse, social worker, child life specialist, care coordinator, psychiatrist and others. All of these professions are involved in the care of a pediatric oncology patient. Read more...
Many options. Some specialists are basic science researchers and have little patient care. Some are clinical researchers that are involved with the clinical research trials of pediatric oncology. Some are full time clinicians that take care of patients full time and have little research involvement except for enrolling patients on clinical trials. Some are administrators that keep large programs running smooth. Read more...