Where should I be going for pediatric neurology?

Childrens hospital. To find a pediatric neurologist, you will need to find a children's hospital or a large city which has children's hospital where neurologists will specialize in pediatric neurology.
Pediatric neurology. You should be going to your primary care pediatrician to get referred to the neurologist nearest you. Hope this helps.
PEDS Neuro. There are many options for you. Since you live in newark new jersey, there's a children's hospital at beth israel and there is an active pediatric neurology practice at university hospital in newark. In the newark area there are not that many pediatric neurologist in practice. I would ask your pediatrician for referral.
You asked for it. You should be going to a pediatric neurologist. It shouldn't be too hard to choose one because they are relatively few in number. You live near great heaping bowlfuls of medical schools and any med school should have at least one or two.

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Where should I be going with pediatric neurology?

Depends. Ask for a referral from your pediatrician or use the internet to find the local children's hospital and contact them for referrals. Good luck! Read more...
Pediatric neurology. Depends on what your condition is, first however if you are looking for yourself look into adult neurology, if for your child your pediatrician should be able to refer you to your nearest child neurologist. Remember a child neurologist is not your primary care physician. Hope this helps. Read more...
Close to home. Seeing as you're in Cleveland...You could choose between the two major clinical organizations in your city. Both are excellent in neurology. Read more...