U need to see pediatric neurology 4 seizures?

If a child, yes. Your other choices are to find an epilepsy specialist- fellowship trained after neurology residency who will see children or find a pediatric neurologist at a childrens hospital.
Yes. If a child has seizures, they should be seen by pediatric neurology as these physicians are knowledgeable about pediatric epileptic disorders.
Pediatric neurology. A person under 18 or so, who has seizures, would benefit from seeing a pediatric neurologist. In some areas, neurologists see both children and adults. In places with better access to medical care, it is more common for neurologists who see children to have special training in pediatrics.
Ask for referral. Speak to your pediatrician for a referral to a pediatric neurologist.
Seizures. Seizures can be treated by adult neurologist if above 18 years old. Hope this helps. Try the epilepsy foundation online for resources in your area.

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