What is paranoid behavior disorder?

Suspiciousness . Paranoia can be mild to severe and can be a symptom of a mental disorder. There can be a distrust and suspiciousness of others or delusions that someone is intending harm to oneself. Paranoia can also be an unwanted side effect of marijuana intoxication. Paranoia can influence a person to behave as if the suspicions or delusions are true. Such behaviors might not be appropriate to the situation.

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What exactly is paranoid behavior disorder?

Paranoid means... There are different psychiatric disorders where one has paranoid symptoms. There are paranoid thoughts, behaviors, delusions and moods.A paranoid person feels unsafe. Has thoughts or convictions or delusions that others are watching, spying, following or eaves dropping, and planning to hurt or kill him/her. Paranoid behavior may consist of hiding from others, wearing dark glasses in public. Read more...