Can any doctor do a panniculectomy?

Yes BUT NOT WELL. Certainly any doctor licensed as a physician an surgeon can do a panniculectomy but only surgeons with credentialed training andv experience can do this well!
No. This is a surgical procedure and therefore only a surgeon should attempt this procedure. Many general surgeons have experience in this procedure but as a whole, plastic surgeons are the most qualified to perform panniculectomies.

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Can any doctor do a panniculectomy surgery or must it be a plastic surgeon?

Not any doctor. Panniculectomy is a surgical procedure so yet would need to be a surgeon. During my general surgery residency in indiana we did several of these surgeries. But plastic surgeons probably do the majority of them. To get a good cosmetic result its important to find someone with a lot of experience.
Plastics is the answ. The unique and additional training of a board certified plastic surgeon can not be substituted. Remover you get what you pay for. To have the abdomen looking the best it can why not have the most highly trained surgeon doing the surgery.
Plastic Surgeon. Plastic surgeons are the only specialists specifically trained to perform panniculectomies.