Is it possible to get rid of scrotal Angiokeratomas forever after cryotherapy or laser treatment. Best regards, Fadhel?

No, but. .. Some men tends to have angiokeratomas on their scrotum, which requires no treatment if being free of mental & physical hang-up - concern, and there has been no known means to "cure" it. So, you needs to adopt and adapt to what you have got in life. I do realize this is not what you like to hear; but, I'm sure this is what you need to hear; don't let political correctness and commercialism rein.
Yes. Sometimes they are large enough to get irritated and bleed. Cryosurgery is not the best answer. You can eliminate every single one of them with laser. Electrodessication is cheaper and better. Using a 32G needle they will be easily anesthetized. It is then a quick, efficient procedure which leaves scabs for a week and then looks normal.