What types of condoms contain nonoxynol 9?

Nonoxynol 9. Packages should be clearly labeled "spermicidal lubricant". Read labels carefully.

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What type of condoms contain nonoxynol 9?

Nonoxynol 9. Packages with nonoxynol 9 should be clearly marked "spermicidal lubricant".

What type of condoms do not have any nonoxynol-9?

Variety, but. You need to read packages carefully. Look for one not marked "spermicidal lubricant".

Are condoms containing nonoxynol-9 more likely to break?

No. Spermicide coated condoms do not break easily if used correctly. Remember they must be stored safely too. Keeping them in your car or in a hot location can cause the material to break down. Also never use one passed the expiration date.

What's a nonoxynol 9 condom?

Surfactant. Nonoxynol9 is a surfactant. That means it breaks down surface integrity of fluids (like the membranes of sperm or vaginal lining). It has spermicidal activity. But there is some question as to whether it increases risk of HIV in heavy users by an unknown mechanism. Who has declared it unsafe. Many condom manufacturers have discontinued using it in condoms.