Lwr R abdominal pain+R shoulder pain+Lwr R back pain. Sometimes constipation. Nausea, vomiting. Sometimes fever. Decreased appetite. Pelvic pain. Help?

Appendicitis? Appendicitis presents as lower right quadrant pain, diaphragmatic irritation can cause referred pain to the shoulder, and posteriorly positioned appendix can radiate to back. Differential diagnosis includes, cholecystitis, ovarian cyst, kidney stone. Seek care with internets or general surgeon.
Need ob/gyn. You need to see an ob/gyn in person for this - this is not something you can do online Even if you do not have insurance - you need to get this evaluated in person.

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Intense upper R abdominal+lwr R abdominal pain+lwr R back pain. Burning sensation, tearing pain. Nausea. Vomiting. Constipation. Decreased appetite. Help?

Go see your doctor. First of all, if you're having symptoms that intense, you need to be examined by a doctor in person rather than having us guess online. It could be signs of a kidney infection, pancreatitis, problems with your liver or gallbladder, or even ectopic pregnancy. You really need to be examined and have some tests done as soon as possible- ER if necessary. . Read more...

Period late of 2 days. Negative pregnancy test. Pelvic pain, flank pain, abdo pain, nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping. Decreased appetite, asymmetry. Help?

Repeat HPT in 7 days. I would consider repeating the test in 7-10 days. In the mean time if there is a chance that you're pregnancy because you've had recent relations then, until you either get your period or the results of the next HPT start really living the life of a saint as far as your body is concerned just in case you've conceived. Stay away from medications you don't really need and stay hydrated. Read more...