Ulcer on leg that won't heal?

See vein specialist. Leg ulcers are often caused by chronic venous insufficiency which is a problem that causes to much pressure to be in the veins near the skin. A venous specialist can diagnose and treat this condition. Our cure rate with venous ulcers is 97%. If it is infected I would recommend seeing a physician ASAP as these infections can progress quickly due to poor circulation.
Causes. An ulcer on the leg can be due to several causes. Most common of which is secondary to venous stasis, peripheral arterial disease, diabetes and neuropathic. It is important to determine the underlying cause to properly treat it. A vascular specialist and someone who specializes in wound care can typically determine the cause and treat appropriately.
See doctor. Without further information, good recommendations cannot be made. See your doctor for an evaluation in order to determine the underlying cause of your problem, and for treatment of the ulcer itself.