Does a cleft lip or cleft palate cause problems for a child?

Feeding, then speech. Cleft lip is usually just an appearance issue, but cleft palate can result in early problems feeding, and later with speech. Other problems with teeth, etc can also arise.
Yes. Can affect speech, swallowing, smile and tooth eruption. Will need a team of doctors from different specialties for treatment.
Yes, growth problems. Each of these clefts cause different types of problems. While there are many more treatments than before, good management or coordination between a medical and dental team are necessary. At our children's hospital there is a cleft team with many different disciplines. Start here for the most comprehensive approach and information.
Cleft lip, palate. Cleft lip and cleft palate can cause a variety of problems depending on whether the deficiency is the lip, palate or a combination. The most immediate of problems are airway obstruction, feeding, the oral phase of swallowing and increased risk of nasal regurgitation and aspiration. There can also be issues with recurrent ear infections.
I agree with . Dr. Achong.Baby can also get frequent ear infections and failure to thrive because of feeding issues.Once the defects are corrected, you should not have anymore problems.