Has anyone here heard of extragonadal germ cell cancer?

Yes. Yes, sure. Extragonadal germinal cell tumors are rare tumors, represent 5-10% of all germ cell tumor, that predominantly affect young males. Characterized by their location on the midline from the pineal gland to the coccyx, (most common in mediastinum). In egct, no evidence of a primary malignancy is present in testes or ovaries. Seminoma accounts for 30-40% and carries the best survival rates.
Yes, many sites. Such tumors can occur outside testes and ovary including brain, chest, abdomen, or tailbone you may wish to visit the following site for more information. Www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/types/extragonadal-germ-cell.

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Has anyone cured extragonadal germ cell cancer?

Absolutely! Most extragonadal germ cell tumors can be cured! The treatment depends on the type of tumor and where it is located. Some tumors, like mature teratomas, are cured when they are surgically removed. Others, like immature teratomas, require both surgery and chemotherapy. Ask your doctor to be honest with you about your chance for cure.
Yes. This is treated by a medical oncologist and may be cured with appropriate therapy.

Odds of germ cell cancer?

Germ cell. Are you referring to testicular cancer? Or germ cell cancer of the ovary? The lifetime risk of developing testicular cancer is 1: 270 =0.37. http://www. Cancer. Org/cancer/cancerbasics/lifetime-probability-of-developing-or-dying-from-cancer.
Low. Cancers of germ cells occur in testes and ovary and not common tumors.

What is stage 3a germ cell cancer in males?

Testicular Cancer. The vast majority of germ cell cancer in males originates from the testes. Staging depends on the size of the tumor, presence, size and extent of lymph nodes involved and the presence and extent of metastases (spread). Tumor markers (secreted by the cancer) in the blood are also included. Stage iiia (3a) means the cancer has spread to the lungs or lymph nodes far from the primary site.
Germ Cell Tumors. Dominantly occur in testes and the medistinum in males, and the ovaries in females. Stage iii or 3 a does not meet testis staging, where where ajcc 6th ed calls 3 any metastasis. Usually germ cell tumors are divided between embryonal and yolk sac and teratoma, and then there are seminoma. All are highly curable in males.

How long can you live with germ cell cancer?

Many years. It depends in what stage it is. The survival and cure is high because tends to be diagonsed on an early stage and we have good treatment modalities.

How long can someone live with a germ cell cancer?

For life! Germ cell tumors come from the testicles, the ovaries, or other early cells. They can often be completely cured! In fact, germ cell tumors can be cured after they have spread to many places in the body, which is not true for other cancers. Treatment may require surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Ask your doctor about your progrnosis. Lance armstrong had a germ cell cancer...So don't give up!

The organs like that, but is germ cell cancer particularly bad?

Treatable. For germ cell cancers excellent chemotherapeutic agents are available, prognosis is excellent compared to a decade ago, famous cyclist lou armstrong is the best example. He saved more lives than winning races, by publicizing his case and making people aware of testicular cancer for early detection.

Germ cell cancer on spine, liver, ribs?

Could betreated. Simple explanation they are remanents of embryonic cells, now these tumor cells are in the spine, liver, ribs, origin could be from gonads (testis or ovary) or non gonadal. In spite of spread, due to excellent chemotherapeutic agents will assure reasonably good prognosis, cyclist lou armstrong is the best example.

Color ribbon for yok sac germ cell cancer for childern?

Rephrase question. Hello kwarfel7. My experience is that when questions sit on this site for a long time, we do not know exactly what you are asking. Are you asking about ribbons such as pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness? If so, I do not know of any ribbon available for yolk sac tumors.
Gold. A gold ribbon raises awareness for all pediatric malignancies.

Why do doctors here keep writing to me that my brother's cancer is cured in most cases? This is true for testicular germ cell cancer, not mediastinal.

It can be. Testicular cancers have a good prognosis in general, however cell type, degree of spread, age of patient, elevation of tumor markers and location all are important prognostically. Prognostically it is best to have a localized testicular cancer than a mediastinal germ cell; please see cancer. Gov website and you may want to discuss his case with the specialists at indiana university.