I've tried gabapenten, lyrica, (pregabalin) Elavil, cymbalta, oxycodone for sudden onset neuropathy. Guess that's it. Any answers, cause I don't havevany. I give up.

Neuropathy. The important thing is diagnosis FIRST, treatment second. Don't give up. Get to the reason for the neuropathy. Something is causing it. (Nerve compression, chemical damage, diabetes, etc) If nothing else, radically change your diet to gluten free, high protein, low carb all organic for one month. No alcohol/smoking. You might get surprised.
Neuropathy. It is important to find the offending cause of the acute neuropathy and stop it. Low B12 levels are often a contributing cause. Other treatment options include compound creams, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, Topamax (topiramate) and Zonegran are other neuropathic pain medicines that may help you. Finally, a trial of spinal cord stimulation may be an effective surgical option as well. .