Fibromyalgia syndrome includes what?

See below. The symptoms of fibromyalgia include widespread pain above and below the waist, characteristic tenderness in certain areas of the body. Other symptoms include fatigue, problems with the bowel or bladder or both, depression, concentration difficulties, poor sleep. The cause of fibromyalgia is not known but it is thought to be a result of an overly sensitive nervous system.
Pain syndrome. ? Re cause, symptoms & treatment fibromyalgia (FM). Obesity, mechanical injury, loose joints, femaleness, sedentary life, lack of sleep, & multiple childbirths associated w. FM. Symptoms: chronic widespread pain (upper & lower back), depression, & restless sleep. Cure: Aquatherapy, gentle yoga, massage, neutriceuticals, SIJ belt, biofeedback, ingested & topical cannabis, & mindfulness therapies.
Man y things. There are classic signs and symptoms described which are rarely found in practice (at least for me). In short, it is a "bag of worm", you rule out everything to diagnose it.