Why did I have to see 3 people in anesthesiology before they got it right? Failed nerve block by do then failed intubation by md?

Need more info. A do and an md are really essentially the same. What was nerve block for? What kind of block? Why did intubation fail? What did they do to "get it right"?
Because. Its sounds like it took the skills and experience of 3 people to enable you to have your surgery. A board certified anesthesiologist is skilled in difficult intubations as well as blocks. Sometimes the blocks don't numb all the nerves. And sometimes a pt has a difficult airway and extra hands and skills are needed. You should be happy that others were called in to help.
Details? It is possible that you have challenging anatomy. Some people are difficult to anesthetize, whether it be due to difficult airway anatomy, morbid obesity, medical conditions. No way of knowing without more info. Most patients with challenging anesthetics don't know they may be difficult until someone tells them specifically.
It is hard . To answer that in this forum. There are many things that can impact on an anesthesiologiat's ability to do his job; level of experience, equiptment availability, patient anatomy, etc. Be sure to obtain a preop anesthesia consultation before your next surgery and let them know about the failed intubation. You can be safely managed if this experience is shared with th.