Is anesthesiology a risky career since you are around all those chemicals?

No, it isn't. Today, we have scavenging systems in the or to make sure that anesthesiologists and others aren't exposed to anesthesia gases. Medications are drawn up in syringes, so there is no direct contact. Probably the biggest physical risk is from an accidental needle stick, which can expose any medical caregiver to HIV or hepatitis. But it's a wonderful, fascinating career, and i enjoy every day!
Actually it CAN be! As far as chemical exposure to drugs and gases, no, anesthesia is perfectly safe. However, if you look at your question another way, it is important to realize that anesthesiology is one of the riskiest professions when it comes to substance abuse. Because you have such easy access to all those drugs, you are at higher risk for abusing them as well. Every anesthesiologist knows someone who has.