Do free condoms work for hiv/aids prevention?

Yes. Condoms and other forms of barrier protection (i.e. A dental dam) prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases from one person to another. They must be use properly. If they break, then they have little benefit. Never use "two condoms" on top of one another. Free condoms work well, and are often identical to condoms you buy.
Yes. Just as well as the ones you pay for. But remember, not everything is 100%.

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Help: free condoms for hiv/aids prevention events?

No. Never will happen, but I might wrong if a maker/makers of condom would give away free samples.

Help me understand free condoms for hiv/aids prevention senior citizen events?

VIAGRA (sildenafil) With the introduction of viagra, (sildenafil) more of our mature (older) population is again becoming sexuall active. Everyone needs to play safe:)!

Is it hard to get hiv/aids prevention in rural us?

No. If you are on the internet, cdc, your department of health, randy white foundation, life foundation all have web sites.

Suggest any ideas to create an hiv/aids prevention concept paper?

HIV Prevention: Plan. There are several immediate approaches to such a study or paper. There are some significant trends with HIV infections today. We see two groups of men getting HIV at elevated rates. First those men who have sex with men under age 21 have a frighteningly increased rate of infection today. And, those msm who are over 45. There is HIV fatigue here. And, post-menopausal females are getting hiv!

What is the name of a large, reputable hiv/aids prevention group working in africa?

Here are 3 websites. Http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/hiv/aids_in_africa standard wiki starting place http://www. Avert. Org/hiv-aids-africa. Htm this charity uses grassroots efforts to reach people because they tend to be less corrupt http://www. Visionafrica. Org/va_hiv. Html this is an example of a small effort I am personally helping, that the us government recognizes and funds, along with methodists.

What are your views on HIV prevention in light of all that aids 2012 hoopla?

More than hoopla. We now know that treatment of hiv+ people virtually eliminates the risk of transmission. Hiv-negative people can prevent infection with condoms, but for those who don't use them consistently, we now have prep. There's no reason anyone should be getting infected these days, but we've got a long way to go before we stop this epidemic through prevention.

Can we get hiv/aids once we had our first anal sex without condom?

Exposure. Transmission of the HIV virus can occur when anyone carrying the virus has sex of any form with his/her unprotected partner. Anal sex is potentially more irritating to some skin surfaces and passage of the germ through raw skin is more likely.