When on my period, I have constant mood swings, depression, I understand "pms" but I feel this is a lot worse. Could I have pmdd?

That's still "pre-" Whatever, whenever it is - you seem to feel that it is linked to your menstrual cycle - right? This would mean that the other half+ of the month you are no more depressed or hi/lo than the next person - right? If so, take this to an OBGYN and be patient as they run lab tests, etc. If it's as I've asked, try to avoid psychotropics. Talk therapy might help w/ mgmt skills but chemicals may be a risk.
That is possible. With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) a woman’s symptoms can be so severe that it interferes with her ability to function. It would behove you to seek mental health evaluation. Take care.

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I am thinking I may have pmdd. Are there any tests to confirm this, and if not, how can it be treated? I have very intense PMS symptoms. I have extreme mood swings, which I began to wonder if I was becoming depressed. I also have borderline violent ten

PMDD . Pmdd is a clinical diagnosis, there are no tests to confirm it. It is very important that you be seen and tell your doctor your concerns because there are medications that can treat pmdd and alleviate your symptoms. Please see your doctor or a gynecologist and tell them your concerns. Read more...
Very possibly. There are questionnaires, and scoring systems that can be helpful, but it sounds like you may have pmdd, so a visit with a doctor is very important, because there are treatments that can help. Read more...