Is cochleosacculotomy an effective treatment for meniere's disease?

Maybe. Some have been successful others not. If you are to this place you should probably start some comparisons between %s of the natural illness versus with and without a successful or unsuccessful procedure. This chart would help you decide if there is more risk or benefits of a surgery with an unclear outcome.
Yes. It certainly depends on the surgeon, but it will ablate the input of most of your inner ear organs in producing vertigo and increase its effectiveness if your surgeon uses gentamicin. Know, though, that our hearing will be rendered ineffective with this procedure. More effective than transtympanic gentamicin, less than labyrinthectomy.

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How do you cure for menieres disease?

No cure. Meniere's disease should be considered a chronic, lifelong condition with no cure. Treatment may relieve symptoms but doesn't address the underlying abnormal pathophysiology. Hearing loss progresses over time, and often results in permanent loss at all frequencies in the affected ear. This usually occurs over 8-10 years.

My father is suffering from meniere's disease. What effective treatment is there?

Difficult. This is a problem with the fluid balance of the inner ear leading to intermittant episodes of loss of balance, tinnitus and hearing loss. The cause is unknown. Treatment involves medication to stabilize the inner ear like meclizine, and salt restrictive diets. Some success has been report with the use of Niacin and eliminating aspartame from the diet. He should see a neuro-otologist.
First is diet change. Ménière's disease is extremely sensitive to what we eat and what we drink. Your father needs to stay away from caffeine alcohol fat salt and tobacco. The worst thing for him to eat would be a pepperoni pizza with beer followed by chocolate cake and coffee. Most patients do very well just with diet modification. My healthiest patients are those with ménière's syndrome.