Is meniere's disease comparable with glaucoma of the eye?

No. Glaucoma is a number of disease states where the pressure in the eye damages the optic nerve damaging vision, meniere's disease is an abnormality in the otolith (fluid system of the inner ear). Tis is not related to abnormal pressures as is found in glaucoma.
No. Glaucoma is a condition where there is damage to the optic nerve which can lead to blindness, sometimes associated with elevated eye pressure. There are over 100 types of glaucoma. Many times the cause of the glaucoma is known. Meniere's disease is a condition where there is ringing of the ear associated with hearing loss and vertigo. It can be associated with elevated inner ear pressure.
No. Meniere's disease is an inner ear problem relating to hearing and balance, where glaucoma causes a slow degeneration of the cable connecting the eye to the brain, often related to eye pressure and/or other causes.

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Can I have menieres disease. Room spins 24/7 eyes blurry feel sick and gagging? What could it be if not?

More likely. That this is a form of vertigo, which is a form of dizziness related to a problem or problems affecting the vestibular/balance system. Meniere's can involve a form of vertigo but it also involves other issues like a ringing the ear(s) and hearing loss. But you should seek an urgent inperson evaluation as there could be something more concerning causing your dizziness. Good luck. Read more...