Is fruit juices with out any kind of sugars still consider bad?

No such thing. Fruit juices are all 100% sugar. The one's you are mentioning have no added sugar, but still are Fructose, which is the exact same thing as sugar.

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Is sugar really all that bad for you? I drink a lot of fruit juices and caffeinated drinks with sugar in them. I am on 20 mg zyprexa.

Sugar. is an addictive neuro-toxin. So, it is bad for us. If you avoid it, eventually your body won't think you need it, same a the process of detoxing from drugs. If you would like a sweetener consider using a natural powder made from a root called Stevia. Please avoid artificial sweeteners which are also bad for the brain and toxic. Peace and good health. Chemical sweeteners are in diet soda, Read more...