Swollen foot. Not red/bruised. Top of foot hurts when I walk or bend my toes. Do I need to see a doc?

Hurt Foot. You may have tendinitis which can be quite painful and related to various activities or the shoes you are wearing. Take an anti inflammatory like Advil (ibuprofen) and give it a couple of days. If there is no improvement, see a doc!
Top foot hurts. sounds like it might be tendonitis or acute joint arthritis if no trauma to area. Try ice, pain reliever if no medical reason not to. If not better in 5-7 days, gets worse or you develop fever, please see your doctor. Hope this helps. Good luck,

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I landed on my foot wrong and now it hurts to walk and the bottom of my foot hurts and the top is swollen and bruised? Any help? Fracture?

Be seen. It is hard to say without the benefit of an exam and xray. If it seems like it was mild, you could rest, elevate and ice it. If it seems more severe I would be seen to rule out a more serious injury such as a fracture; particularly if you can not bear weight on it. Read more...
Could be. Fractures are best diagnosed with an xray. If you are concerned and the pain has not subsided I recommend getting an exam for the proper diagnosis and treatment for you! Read more...