What happens to braces without orthodontists to maintain them?

Good things usually. The wires will only move so far and the movement will stop. However, some bad things can happen also, so don't skip appointments if you have real active things going on. If anything gets loose, you are setting yourself up for problems.
Bad things. 1) teeth will stop moving at a point, so they will not be effective 2) decasification of your teeth can occur with prolonged wear See an orthodontist right away.
More important. What happens to your teeth without proper care. This scenario can quickly turn into a disaster. It's like getting up off of the operating table in the middle of having your appendix removed and walking out of the hospital. Please see your Orthodontic Specialist ASAP to help get thou back on track.
Brace care. Bad idea to not have an orthodontist watching over your brace care. Teeth can move in ways that can be harmful not to mention that you're oral hygiene could get bad and thus causing cavities and gum disease. If you can't continue treatment then it's best to get the braces removed.
Possible overcorrect. Without proper followup several things can go wrong, just like a car without a driver or brakes.Your teeth can go in the wrong direction, might get over or under corrected, the ties or replaceable components might deteriorate, some bands or brackets might fall off or hang in there causing loss of control or discomfort.Improper care and hygiene may also cause cavities or gum problems. , .