Since I am past their age limit. Any good individual plans that cover orthodontics?

Most don't cover. Most dental plans don't pay for orthodontic treatment for people over 18 years. When you get braces, you usually pay a small down payment and then spread the rest of the expense over one or two years by monthly payments interest free.
Not many. Typically dental plans only cover a part of the total orthodontic fee, and only up to age 18. Talk to your orthodontic specialist who will be glad to work out a payment plan for you that, in the long run, will be cheaper than paying for insurance plus copay.
Explore benefits. Although most dental insurances do not cover orthodontic care, some do or have limited orthodontic benefits, which most patients do not know about and never explore. If you already have insurance, call the 800 number on the card to decipher your benefits. If you do not have insurance, explore all plans including reduced payment plans, which are not insurance.
Insurance Coverage. Most insurance plans do not cover adult orthodontics, and when they do, the plans are expensive. Your best bet is to finance your care over the course of your treatment.
Discount Plans. There are some discount plans available to anyone that subscribes. Look them up for your locality.
NOT MANY OPTIONS. Individual plans ( not through employers) tend to be too expensive. You need to find out the level of benefit you are getting versus the cost. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay for orthodontic treatment out of pocket than the cost of having such a plan.
Not really. It has been our experience that any individual plan that can be purchased covering orthodontics is actually very poor. They usually only cover a small amount and restrict where you go to receive treatment. Most orthodontists offer very reasonable payment plans and work hard to make your beautiful smile possible.
Just pay the fee. By the time you pay for a special policy, you could have paid for your treatment. They see you coming....
Insurance Choices. Orthodontic insurance coverage is difficult to find. The truth is that most insurance benefits pay very little. The average orthodontic fee is $4700 depending where you live and the max benefit paid is usually $1500. If you pay $100 a month for 2 years you will have paid the insurance company $2400 only to have them pay $1500. Insurance companies make money by collecting more than they pay.
Plans all differ. Purchasing insurance is unfortunately like purchasing an automobile in the sense that different companies offer a multitude of available options as well as specific limitations and/or exclusions or certain procedures. An insurance agent who can write policies for more than one company would be a starting point for finding a policy that meets your needs for othodontic treatment.