How long after taking diazepam is it safe to consume alcohol? I had to take it for a couple of days and the last dose of 10mg was about 72 hours ago.

Moderation is Safe. Diazepam is used for its calming effects (anxiolitic), or for its sedative effects (help sleep) or for muscle relaxation (muscle cramps). Sometimes it is used (none medical reason) at higher doses to get euphoric effects. These are similar effects cause by Alcohol, so their effects are additive. Careful, you may feel Alcohol effects after 1 drink instead of 2! .
Valium. This is an interesting question. Valium has a long half life (up to 200 hours), which means that a little remains in your system for quite some time after your last dose. That being said, most would say that having a drink would be safe 8-12 hours after a dose. Drinking to excess would not be adviseable as the effects of alcohol have the potential to be greatly increased.
3 days ago. You should be fine, but drink responsibly and not in excess.
Probably Ok. In the breifest of ways, you are pharmacologicly ok to drink alcohol. However, drinking alcohol when you are being treated with Diazepam, or any drug in it's class, is generaly not recamended, as they both work on the same parts of your brain. I do not recamend people take both drugs (Diazepam and Alcohol). Please see your doctor for more information.
Diazepam. That is a large dose of diazepam and diazepam has active metabolities that can last more than 90 hours. A drug interaction may occur that could make your reaction to alcohol much more intense than expected and your breathing can be effected. It will probably not have a significant effect at this point but to be safe you might want to wait for the weekend.