Is my child a candidate for ear tubes? What are you basing your recommendations for ear tubes on?

It depends. The american academy of otolaryngology published guidelines about which kids should qualify for tubes for the first time this month that I have attached links to below. I am a pediatric ENT in your area if you have further questions. http://www.Entnet.Org/healthinformation/ear-tubes.Cf.
5 / yr & 1 wont clr. There are multiple parameters for deciding on tubes. One basic mantra "5 in a yr or 1 that won't clear" (in 90 days). An evaluation by an ENT that would do the tubes would give you an idea if your situation would benefit. Some 5yo kids are at the point that their infection frequency is declining & the benefit would be minimal.
Consensus. See: http://www.Aafp.Org/afp/2004/0615/p2929.Html.