What are the therapeutic options to aid the development of premature babies?

Early Intervention. Research has demonstrated that early intervention by specialists in physical , speech and occupational therapy make a huge difference in helping the premature baby achieve normal developmental milestones.The sooner the better.
Steroids are used. During development in the womb one of the most crucial stages is the development of functioning lungs. If a baby is going to be born before 36 weeks, steroids are often used to boost the lung function by stimulating the cells to make surfactant, which enables the lungs to work better sooner.
Infants whose birth. Wts., medical issues &/or prenatal histories increase the risk for developmental delays are referred to state early intervention programs at discharge from the nicu. Sadly, some overwhelmed parents don't follow through. Dr. D. Addressed types of therapy. Age is corrected till age 2; e.g., a 5-mo. Old born 12 wks. Early is tested at a 2-mo.-old developmental level. You can call ei yourself, also.