Temporarily impaired vision?

Can you ask again? Impaired vision can be caused by so many conditions, that it would be nearly impossible to help you without getting a little more information. Can you describe the vision? Is it dark, blurred, or intermittent? Is there pain? Any flashes of light or floaters?

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Temporarily impaired vision? Could it be from aura?

Yes, certainly. If the impairment is fairly stereotyped from event to event, it may well represent a migraine aura, even if a full headache does not follow ("acephalgic migraine"). While most people report vague dark or light spots or a visual flicker as part of their aura, some have very complex visual disturbances, such as vibrant zigzags referred to as "fortification patterns.". Read more...

Can a migraine cause impaired vision temporarily?

Aura. Many people with classical migraines have stereotyped symptoms that precede the headache, referred to as an aura. If you do have an aura, use this as your trigger to immediately take an abortive medication (nsaids or a triptan), as early aboritve treatment is much more effective than waiting until the headache proper appears. Read more...