Pressure in gums, teeth hurt especially when eating good, lingering pain, gets worse when I eat. Had wisdom teeth out April 1 what could it be?

Oh so many things. Any form of pain/bleeding/swelling should be evaluated immediately. Your body is waving a red flag telling you that something's wrong. The only way to find out what's wring is to have your Dentist examine you and then prescribe treatment. Don't procrastinate, call now.
Dental exam. Did you have a complete dental exam and cleaning before your extractions? If all of your teeth hurt when eating, it might be something common to all of them, like gingivitis. See your local dentist for an evaluation.
Cracked tooth. All teeth have cracks and over time some can deeper causing pain primarily on chewing. When it lingers it's usually fairly deep See your dentist and he can test to locate area of crack before it splits. Depending on how bad, it could just need filling or crown. Worst case is root canal n crown or extraction. Call your dentist right away. .
Gum disease. A pressure in gums can be a sign that you are at risk for, or already have, gum disease. Call your dentist today for examination, x-rays and treatment. Good luck. .