Will clindamycin make my birth control pills ineffective?

Maybe. While there is no evidence that clindamycin specifically interferes with birth control pills, I would recommend using a barrier method when taking it. Some birth control pills are activated by bacteria in the gut. Clindamycin could greatly reduce these bacteria and thereby reduce the effectiveness of your birth control pills.
Clindamycin & OCP's. Clindamycin is not known to interfere with oral contraceptives. The known problems are with Rifampin and possibly penicillin-type antibiotics. Still, using a back up method for now such as condoms will give additional peace of mind.

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Does clindamycin affect birth control pills?

Yes it may. Yes it may and you should use a back up method of birth control up to 7 days after you finish the course of clindamycine.You can ask your orescribing doctor if it is safe as there is controversy about antibiotics and bcp except Rifampin and Griseofulvin two antibiotics for sure decrease the effectiveness of bcp. Read more...