Having pain left lower belly prlvis area and lower back pain?

Many things. Many things can be the cause of the issues you describe. Candidate reasons include diverticulitis, constipation, and many other entities. You should see your physician for further testing, a focused history with physical examination and a consultation.

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Been having sex with my bf for 7 years without protection. Now I am experiencing cramps like in my abdomen, lower back pain& 5 days late.

Pregnancy test. Well, young lady...at this point you will need a pregnancy test. And no matter what the outcome of the test...you should consider writing a book on how you guys were able to avoid pregnancy for 7 years by using straight rhythm and unprotected sex. That's pretty phenomenal. Millions of men in the world will pay very good money for your tips and secrets! Best of luck. Read more...

I been having lower back pain only on the right side and lower belly pain since yesterday, I think I had fever due to my clothes were wet this mornin?

See your doc. The symptoms you are describing are very likely nothing to be concerned about but there is a chance that you are describing early appendicitis. When the appendix is located behind the large intestine (as it is in up to 15% of people) then one of the first signs of appendicitis can be back pain accompanied by right lower abdomen pain and fever. Read more...