What is it like to live as adolescent in a mental health facility?

Highs and Lows. An adolescent living in a mental health facility usually experiences a wide variety of emotions. Often they are placed in a facility against their will and can experience anger, frustration, and even fear. They may feel abandoned by their family and friends. They may struggle forming new relationships. Gradually as they learn to fit in they will join the program instead of fighting against it.
Adolescents. Agree. Also, having the family or guardians involved in treatment helps reintegrate & bond with them, while working on resolving conflicts between them.
Structured. Because adolescents require structure and consistency to thrive, residential facilities are set up in this very manner. There are specific routines regarding sleeping, chores, group/individual therapy, medication monitoring appointments, recreation, etc. They typically follow a "token economy"/specific behavioral modification guidelines to ensure safety and positive behaviors.