What natural foods are good to increase your HDL cholesterol level?

Fish. Fish especially cold water fish like salmon and tuna. Also regular exercise, not smoking, and controlling diabetes if you have it.
Depends on why . Saturated fats will raise HDL cholesterol. Fish oils, to a smaller extent will also raise HDL cholesterol (when triglycerides are high, the reason may be that as tg's go down, HDL goes up). In addition, for those overweight and pre-diabetic or Insulin resistant a diet reduced in simple carbohydrates and refined sugars can improve the HDL level as tg's go down. Think heart healthy.

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What are fresh foods that raise HDL cholesterol level?

PUFA's and MUFA's. Poly and mono unsaturated fats help raise hdl-c and lower ldl-c in the body. Beware ! fats are high in calories, so even good fats can make you gain weight which will increase triglycerides and lower hdl-c. Decreasing saturated fats will also help raise hdl-c, so cut out the meat, cheese, butter, palm, and coconut oil. Read more...