Should I be concerned about hardening of the arteries if parent had vascular dementia?

Most illnesses. We humans can get are at least partly genetic. But worrying about it won't help. Instead, focus on taking good care of yourself and your cardiovascular system to avoid that complication!
Yes. You should take care to control your weight, exercise as much as allowed; watch your diet, lower your blood pressure if it is high, and control the level of fats in the blood...Discuss with your doctor the idea of anti-platelet strategies at a certain age as well....

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How do boomers learn about risk and prevention for alzheimer's or vascular dementia so they can stop them before they develop like in their parents?

Prevntion of alzeime. You can start eating right, exercising regularly, staying mentally and socially active and keeping stress in check. Learning new things all the time like new language, new subjects, dancing, singing and doing any activity to keep your brain challenged and active. Vascular is little different and mailnly keep you r bp, cholesterol and glucose under control and dont smoke and stay away frm street drugs.
Partially. The most important is controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol level. It is also important to have physical exercise and keep mentally fit. Some studies indicate that drinking alcohol in moderation, eating fish and dark chocolate might decrease the risk.
Keep up with news. The alzheimer's foundation of america and the alzheimer's association. Have information along with the the national institute for aging. So far exercise has the most evidence. If one has diabetes or high blood pressure then stay on top of that.