Whats the difference between lap banding, gastric banding, band over bypass?

Band over bypass. Band over bypass is quite safe, and we have done a number. I have not seen an erosion, nor is there literature to support that.
One is for RNY . Failed rny operations are rescued by putting a band over the bypass. Like carnie wilson had. If you didn't have a rny operation then just a band will do.
Same. The lap band is the trade name for gastric banding. Kind of like tissues and kleenex. Band over bypass is placing a band over the pouch of a gastric bypass. This is done by some surgeons for patients who have regained weight after their bypass. This is somewhat controversial.
Similar. Lap banding and gastric banding are the same procedure. Band over bypass is a procedure where a lap-band is placed around the gastric outlet of a gastric bypass that has previously been performed. Typically this is performed as a result of the bypass patient regaining weight several years after their original procedure and as a result of dilation of the gastric outlet.