What colour are dental fissure sealants?

Tooth colored. Tooth colored (white or off-white).
Tooth Colored. Dental sealants are usually tooth colored. They can sometimes be different colors - pink for example.
White or clear. Dental sealants are most often tooth colored ( white) or clear. However, one manufacturer has a sealant that is pink until it gets hard, and other type turns green while the light hardens it!

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What colour are dental fissure sealants? Will I be able to choose it?

White or clear. Sealants are excellent preventative treatments against dental decay and should not be overly obvious. Read more...
Sealants color? Dental sealants can be a very good preventive treatment when performed properly. Most are clear or white, some are even clear and glow a different color when a light is shown on it. Proper placement is key, the fissures need to properly cleaned and prepared so the sealant bond is not compromised and so that decay is not being sealed in under the sealant. Read more...