My mother has MS and dry mouth and facial numbness is this typical?

Analysis. The dry mouth is NOT due to MS, but rather would be secondary to medication or even a co-morbidity such as Sjogren's. Facial numbness maybe due to MS, but also could be secondary to dental or jaw issues, and perhaps a dentist is of value. Talk to your neurologist about current meds to manage MS, a family conference may help.
Dry mouth.... Ms can cause almost any symptoms, but dry mouth and facial numbness might be caused by other things as well....Like medications or viral infections. I suggest you consult a neurologist.
Yes. Yes, those are some of they common symptoms of ms regarding the mouth.

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Is it normal to experience dry mouth and facial numbness when suffering from ms?

Possible. Dry mouth in ms is usually related to medications such as anticholinergics for example. Ditropan (oxybutynin) taken for bladder management or other medications such as amitryptyline are examples of medications often prescribed in ms which can have this effect. Proper hydration, lozenges and chewing gum may help moderate this medication side effect. Speak to your md, also other causes.
A lot of patients. With ms complain of dry mouth - it is a recognized side effect. I haven't personally had any facial numbness cases but that could also happen I suppose. For the dry mouth try biotene products available otc or dry mouth gel from your dentist (gc america).
Comments. Dry mouth more often a sign of medication side effect, but can also be seen with Sjogren's. MS would not typically cause dry mouth on it's own, but facial numbness does occur associated with relapses or progression. See your neurologist and sort out.

I have MS and the bottom right side of my face is numb lower lip, right nostril, and jaw. Waiting for blood test results?

MS progression. You need to see your Neurologist to stop progression of MS signs and symptoms. There are experimental drugs out there now that will stop progression and delay any dehabilitation. Any recent URI? Could be Bell's palsy which needs to be treated ASAP with antiviral. Steroids to prevent permanent damage.

How do I know if I have MS as facial numbness seems to be a main symptom?

See neurologist. Facial numbness can be caused by many items, including dental and jaw issues, viral involvement of cranial nerves, issues at base of brain. Might consult with your dentist initially but if no answer, a neurologist can certainly help. Facial numbness is not usually the presenting sign of ms>.

I recently had a head MRI done because of fatigue, numbness. Mother has ms. What are my chances? Results were non specific.

Not enough info. Ask this question to a neurologist who will have access to the MRI films and can examine you in person. The internet cannot answer your question.
Low risk. With Mother having MS, risk no more than 3-5%

Will MS cause sudden onset of numbness in face, arms, neck ect. Also pain in arms, hands and other areas?

It can. An acute ms flare can cause numbness and/or paralysis. Other causes must be considered. If new and acute, urgent treatment with IV steroids may be appropriate.

Can ms. Feel like burning hot flashes, numbness in face and thru body to legs?

Symptoms. Your symptoms are nonspecific and could be associated with many causes. MS is a specific diagnosis based upon history, abnormal exam findings, and confirmatory diagnostic studies. Start with your primary physician and evaluate the baseline problems.

Right arm numbness and left side of face numb. Cat scan was clear, blood tests were good. Doc is starting me on B12 injections. Can it be MS or other?

You may need MRI. Cat scan may not give a good diagnosis eval. Mri of the head with contrast will be a better option.
Sorry. CAT scan is virtually meaningless in defining presence or absence of MS lesions. You may have B-12 issues, but was it proven on your blood studies or are the shots for other reasons?? Did you see a neurologist? There are reasons for arm and facial numbness and B-12 issues may not explain this.

Ms signs? Anxiety, paranoia, numbness in face, floaters, blurry vision, pain in legs, sex problems, frequent utis. Dr said I had low vitamin d last yr

Need eye exam. Ms can cause painful vision loss. But so can other conditions. If you're on topomax, it can cause vision changes and elevated eye pressure. Floaters are not related to either ms or topomax. Please see an ophthalmologist for your visual complaints.