Liver Enzymes: AST 123 Alt 304 alp 220. Had 10 blood test & 5 ultrasound- can't find anything but slight fat liver. 5'9 204lbs. Should I do biopsy? Or are these levels of enzymes from my diet?

Keep looking... Hepatitis is defined as inflammation of liver cells, as is indicated by elevation in serum transaminases (ast and/or alt). Hepatitis can be caused by a variety of issues (infectious, ischemic, metabolic, toxic, infiltrative, alcohol-related, drugs, etc.). It's impossible to say why your liver tests are elevated without more information--so what labs have been done & what else has been ruled out?
Follow MD recc. There are many reasons for elevated liver enzymes. These include alcohol, medications, infections, autoimmune illnesses, other lnesses such as copper or iron overload. The most common causes are heavy alcohol intake and fatty liver. I suggest talking to the specialist who did your tests to make sure that several causes were tested for. I suggest following your doctor's advice. .