Do albuterol and epinephrine do the same thing?

Yes. Primatene mist previously available without a rx was just inhaled epinephrine. Overuse was associated with bad side effects like stroke and heart attack. Albuterol has less pronounced effects on the heart so its safer. Primatene has been taken off of the retail market because of the problems. Both are bronchodilators.

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Is albuterol and epinephrine the same thing?

No. Albuterol is a medication given by mouth or inhaled that dilates the airways and is typically used in asthma and COPD to improve breathing. Epinephrine is used for many purposes. It is the same as the body's natural adrenalin. Epinephrine helps reverse acute allergic reactions, and is usually given only to help the breathing in acute emergencies. Read more...