2 months symptoms. Is it Celiac, gluten intolerance, wheat intolerance or allergy? F079 Ige negative. Beer ok, wheat no although I bloat for 8 hours after "may contain wheat". All after a fast for a week

Stomach complaints. Hard to say at this point. Dietary diary and symptoms diary very important. Further workup needed to help make diagnosis. Could also consider elimination diet. Very basic diet (can google). Add things back one week at a time to see what triggers your symptoms. Stay in touch with your GI doc who is working this up for you. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Could b gluten intol. There are several blood tests that can define your potential gluten intolerance. I would suggest getting a full battery of tests. Some beers are gluten free. Your symptoms seem to suggest a gluten intolerance. Definitive tests are available.