Drank whole bottle of scotts emulsion cod liver oil?

Not good idea. Gi upset, nausea vomiting and diarrhea from the fish oil portion. Scott's and emulsion makes this sound as though it was not a medicinal but agricultural agent. In that case it may contain something other than cod liver oil and the bottle may be larger than that for medicinal use. I would call poison control. Underlying circumstance regarding ingestion must be addressed.

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I give my 18 m old a multivitamin as well as the 2.5 ml of scotts emulsion cod liver oil daily... Is this okay?

Maybe,maybe not. Check with the multivitamin.The rda for the vitamin a & d may already be in that product & the cod liver oil, while ok as a source, may add enough a & d to be an excess. A & d are different from other vitamins that wash out in the urine daily if not used, they store in the bodies fat cells & can produce symptoms if accumulated to excess levels. Read more...