Has anyone had success with dermal fillers for acne scaring?

Yes. Some scars elevate easily and can be injected with filling agents such as restylane, (dermal fillers) perlane, juvederm and artefill. If the scar is bound down tightly, however, the scar must first be 'released' with a sharp, knife like needle (subcision) to create a space for the filling agent to be injected. This is more technically difficult but good results can be achieved. Good luck.
Marginal. Dermal fillers can improve acne scarring that is fairly severe. I have injected hyaluronic acid fillers and had some success. Most acne scarring is best treated by other means such as dermaroller treatments.
Acne scarring repair. Dermal fillers are not the primary, nor long term way to improve acne scarring. Be sure to consult with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in scar repair. Resurfacing procedures tend to give you the best outcome. Modalities like peel series, microdermabrasion series, dermabrasion, fractional laser resurfacing or a combination offer significant results based on scar extent, depth and skin type.
Yes. Depending on the type of scarring they can work very well. Some types need to be replaced often while others can be almost permanent. There are other methods that are in office surgical that work for the same sort of scars and use your own tissue and look great. Visit an acne specialist who can help you decide what would be best for you skin type and type of acne scars.

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Can you tell me about success with dermal fillers for acne scaring?

Acne scar fillers. Fillers such as juvederm work best on scars that are shallow and broader as opposed to deeper and shorter. See your dermatologist for all treatment options.
Filler for Acne Scar. If the scar is soft and not too fibrotic or tethered then it may work. Managing acne scars may require multimodality treatment - excision, subcision, fillers, laser resurfacing. It all depends upon the severity and number of scars. We use the fraxel (probably more than any other treatment) with good results in most cases. Seek a plastic surgeon certified by the abps. Best wishes.
For Soft Scars. Dermal fillers are pretty soft, so they work best for soft scars with shallow depressions. Deep "ice-pick" scars respond better to surgery. There are many ways to treat acne scars, and none of them are perfect. Work with an experienced provider to explore which options will work best for you.

Can radiesse (dermal fillers) improve deep acne scars? I have deep acne scars on my cheeks. I don't really need filler in my cheeks, but I wouldn't mind them being a little plumper. What i'd really like is if it would make my scars less noticeable..

Radiesse (dermal fillers). Radiesse (dermal fillers) may not be the best filler for your acne scars. Since the material is calcium based, it maybe too hard for your cheeks. I will suggest to use prevelle or juvederm ultra xc, they are hyaluroic acid base injectable, they are much softer than radiesse; they should give you a better result. In addition, not all acne scars are the same and you should differentiate between dermal (skin) and sub dermal (under the skin) components. The treatment options are quite different between the two types of acne scar. If you are not sure please spend the time to consult with a plastic surgeon so you get the appropriate treatment. Good luck!
I. I agree with dr. Grossman that Radiesse (dermal fillers) should not be injected close to the surface of the skin. Fillers can help with scars but you need a product that is approved to be injected where it can actually help improve the smaller contour changes.
Radiesse (dermal fillers). Radiesse is a good filler for increasing the size and fullness of the face. It is a stiff substance that can be felt through the skin so it should be injected into the deeper tissues. Injection of acne scars is done with softer fillers like juvederm or restylane (dermal fillers). Best wishes dr. Peterson.
Radiesse (dermal fillers). Radiesse (dermal fillers) should not be used for acne scars, it is meant to be injected deeper under the skin. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www. Drgrossman. Com.

Can perlane (dermal fillers) be used to correct acne scarring? Is perlane (dermal fillers) a good treatment to fill in the pit-like scars on my cheeks from acne? .

Fillers can help. Perlane is a hyaluronic acid filler that is meant to be used for adding volume deep to the skin. There are other ha fillers that work well for correction of acne scars- restylane, (dermal fillers) juvéderm ultra and belotero work better for superficial treatments. Some acne scars respond beautifully to these fillers. Deep pitting is usually best treated by your doctor with a punch graft.
Acne scars. Using a filler to correct acne scarring is an off label use. Nonetheless, it can be effective. Have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.