Would you consider non-surgical procedures like botox and dermal fillers?

Fillers. While i would not at this time, much of my staff have utilized botox, dysport, or fillers. Most people that utilize these products do not want the costs, risks, and downtime associated with a facelift- even though it is even more helpful.Most my patients want delay the'knife for as long as they can. Men even mores than women want to avoid invasive downtime procedures.
Yes - definitely! I have had Botox and fillers done. They are very good for improving facial wrinkles and contour issues in the face. They do not replace a facelift. A board certified plastic surgeon can examin you and make the best recommendation for your particular needs.
Yes. The use of neurotoxins(botox, etc) and fillers can make a phenomenal improvement in one's appearance. The term "liquid facelift" was coined to describe the rejuvenating improvements achieved by the combination of these substances. Enhancement of cheeks, correction of nasal deformities, smoothing of wrinkles, slight elevation of the brows, etc are some of the possible corrections.
Yes good choices. Both Botox and fillers will yield both natural and lovely results when done properly. Botox will smooth and soften line and bulges in the forehead and crow feet; while fillers will plump or fill the regions around the mouth. However, they do not always replace good cosmetic surgery, but can either forestall surgery or be an addition to.
Yes! Both fillers and Botox have important roles in the non-surgical treatment of facial aging. Fillers are useful for restoring volume, and filling in wrinkles that are present when the face is "at rest", while Botox is great for treating the wrinkles that occur with muscle motion.
Only everyday! Botox and fillers are extremely safe. They are very effective. A skilled injector can make you look and feel younger in minutes. Botox and fillers are much safer than eating peanuts!
Unquestionably. They are amazingly powerful tools in retarding the signs of facial aging. They can delay the need for surgery for many individuals looking for facial rejuvenation for years.