Why is my 8 month old baby vomiting after eating dairy (milk based porridge for babies or cottage cheese) but yet he doesn't after vomit eating formula

Whole milk products. Whole milk products may not be tolerated until after 12 months of age. Use infant formula (or breast milk) to make sure your baby gets the right balance of digestible nutrients. If your baby still doesn't tolerate whole cow's milk after a year of age, you may need to try a lactose free cow's milk or soy milk . Some babies can tolerate yogurt, since the lactose is broken down more.
8mo vomiting dairy.. Congratulations on your baby boy! It would be helpful to know what formula your baby is eating. Some babies have a Milk Protein Allergy vs. Milk/formula intolerance. Most times the symptoms are very similar. Some babes have a true allergy and you may see symptoms similar or worse. Others only have an intolerance and have vomiting or diarrhea only. Please see your Pediatrician for testing.