Where are cancerous tumors usually found with throat cancer?

Vague question. "throat cancer" is a vague layman's term which can encompass many different problems. In general, most head and neck "throat cancers" are squamous cell cancers, which are commonly associated with smoking, drinking and hpv infection. They can occur anywhere there is squamous mucosa: tongue, tonsil, palate, throat, larynx, etc. See you ENT for an exam or screening.
Several sites. The hypopharynx, base of tongue, larynx, tonsils, epiglottis, piriform sinus, aryepiglotic fold, and supra glottic larynx.

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Sir, I have taken radiotherapy for my throat cancer. Now I am free of that tumor. Is there any possibility that it be seems in any other body part?

Glad got cured. Congratulation now free of tumor, now you have to continue the check ups, always there is a chance of developing second primary cancer, fortunately the incidence is not that high. Good luck (stop smoking if you did).

My brother has throat cancer and a massive tumor and he is now in hospice. Is there any help for him?

Hospice helps. Typically when patients are admitted to hospice, they have six months or less to live. During hospice care, the focus is on providing comfort measures such as pain control along with psychosocial and spiritual support to the patient and family. The presence and support from family can go a long way and be very comforting. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Throat cancer. Don't give up! You need to go to your brother and see what can and cannot be done. We all hope that a good response can be established over time.
Advanced Cancer. Has he been seen in the leading Cancer Center in your area? Chemotherapy and radiation treatment may help!
Probably not. He probably has been well evaluated and hospice usually doesn't put them on service unless everything has been done or your brother decides not to do more. The throat cancers are aggressive and with a large tumor despite therapy hospice maybe he's best comfort option.
Depends. On the full extent of his disease including presence of distant metastasis and prior treatments and response. Discuss his prognosis with treating Oncologist.

If u had throat cancer systems u would know by 2 months??

Not necessarily. Throat cancer can take years to develop Risk factors include smoking, drinking and oral sex If your worried see a specialist ENT for exam.