Anyone know any new treatments of spina bifida?

Fetal surgery. All interventions for open neural tube defects aim at preventing further neuronal loss and cannot restore damage already done. That is why fetal interventions can prove a major breakthrough in prenatally diagnosed cases: the fetal neuronal plasticity and ability to regenerate damaged tissues is such that a much better long-term outcome can be achieved.

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What are some treatments for meningocele (spina bifida)?

See or sew. If the meningocele is covered by intact skin and no neurologic deficits are present, maybe nothing need be done except to be careful about traumatizing the area (see). If neurologic deficits are present or overlying tissues are fragile or breached, then surgery is needed to repair and protect the area (sew). Consult a neurosurgeon for more details. Read more...

My wife was just diagnosed with spina bifida occulata (age 23). They said it's mild. Her tailbone hurts. What's the treatment for something like this?

PT. The spina bifida occulta, may or may not be related to her symptoms. It most likely is an incidental finding and unrelated. Tailbone pain (coccygodynia) is treated with pt, exercise and nsaids (ibuprofen etc). It is usually self limited. Read more...