What rehabilitation or support options are available for patients with head and neck cancers?

Many. Patient centered websites- head neck cancer alliance (headandneck. Org) or sponc (spohnc. Org) can give info on local support groups, treatments & trials. Rehab options include reconstruction (speech devices, plastic surgery); medications for dry mouth, appetite stimulation, chronic pain; exercises for swallowing & lymphedema; nutrition and psychosocial services are available at doctors offfices.
Many. It is important to seek out complementary and support services before, during, and after your treatment for head and neck cancer. Depending upon the extent of surgery, radiation, and maybe chemotherapy your needs could vary quite a bit. Speech and swallowing evals and management early are crucial. Nutritional eval. Support groups for sure. Dry mouth management with dental eval. Acupuncture.
Head & Neck Cancer. You should consult with your doctors about support groups in your local area; many are avlaibale online. The answer also depends on the type of cancer (e.G, salivary glands, thyroid, oral cancers, etc), and the extent of surgery and residual deficits that need to be addressed (e.g., speech with laryngeal cancers, facial reconstruction, etc). Start with http://www. Spohnc. Org/.

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Are clinical trials (research studies) available for patients with head and neck cancers?

Absolutely. Numerous trialsare available including early (phase 1 or 2) and late trials (phase 3). These trials evaluate newer drugs and newer radiation approahces typically. For trials info and sites the most uptodate site is the national cancer institute (www. Cancer. Gov). Talk to your oncologist and look up the websites of your local hospitals for trials in your area.
Most likely, yes. You can do a search on clinicaltrials. Gov - this gives a listing of all available clinical trials. Not knowing what specific type of head and neck cancer you are interested in, it's harder to get more specific, but the info on this website can tell you the name of the trial, the basic information about what they're trying to study, some of the criteria for eligibility and the location of the study.

What health professionals treat patients with head and neck cancers?

Many. Ear nose throat (ENT) doctors; surgical oncologists (cancer surgeons), plastic surgeons, radiation oncologists (treat with radiation); medical oncologist (treat with chemotherapy); speech therapists, nutritionists, physical therapists among others.
Many. Don't forget about pathologists: without a diagnosis you have nothing :).
Team work. It takes a team to treat and take care of head and neck patients. There are surgeons to do biopies or surgical removal, radiation and medical oncologist to give chemoradiation as primary or secondary treatment, speech therapist and nutritionist to support and rehab patients, nurses to monitor patients and last but not least pathologist to make diagnosis.