Related Questions

Can a 20 year old get irritable bowel syndrome? Is there a way to test for it? Can it occur without pain?

A 20 y/o can get it. IBS is a "functional" disorder and the diagnosis is made by the symptoms the patient has and by excluding other illnesses that might cause similar symptoms. Pain is present in most patients. See http://bit. Ly/1VlC078.

What can I do to get relief from irritable bowel syndrome?

Varies. You can control mild signs & symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by learning to manage stress and making changes in your diet and lifestyle. Ex: fiber supplements; anti-diarrheal medications; eliminating high-gas foods; anticholinergic medications; antidepressant medications; antibiotics; & perhaps, counseling. Exercise, food avoidance, smaller meals can be considered. See your doctor!

I am suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for a long time what is the best treatment for that in usa?

Diet and fluids. I rarely prescribe meds for ibs. In my experience teaching people to eat and drink properly resolves most if not all symptoms when the patient is compliant and follows through. Hi fiber, 80-100 ounces non caffeine, non alcoholic beverages each day, regular meal times, excercise. Consistency is the key to being symptom free.

Does Dicyclomine 10 mg., one time daily, work same day for irritable bowel syndrome or may it take 2 weeks to work? What dosages does it come in?

Works fast. It works fast, actually the dose is 10-20 mg before each meal, I will definitely start with 10 mg if this the first time user, to make sure there is no side effect. Work much better with IBS associated with loose BM. Adjusting diet, eat multiple small meals, avoid food that usually caused problems, and that based on each individual separately, exercise, and meditation, and stress management.

I have weight induced irritable bowel syndrome. How can I get rid of this before I get married in october to be able to enjoy my day?

Meds available. Depends on your symptoms. If yoyr symptons are predominantly diarrhea, constipation or abdominal pain. Talk to your physician who can prescribe somethjng thst will control your symptons.