I have anxiety day after drinking alcohol. Can I take my ativan (lorazepam). 5 mg?

Absolutely not. Why drink alcohol if it makes you anxious? That is my first question for you. Your history of pancreatitis suggests that it is not good for. Alcohol and benzos (which includes Ativan) can be a lethal combination. You can do one or the other at any given window of time. Also, talk with your doc about anxiety management. Meditation and relaxation training can help. .
Bad idea. Don't mix alcohol and benzodiazapines. Why would you even consider drinking alcohol if you have pancreatitis?
Anxiety. At age 27, stresses of relationships, marriage, parenting, finances can lead to anxiety and use of alcohol. It is likely that your Gastritis and Pancreatitis due to use of alcohol. Ativan is a medication for Anxiety. It can be habit forming Please see a psychiatrist for assessment of Anxiety, Alcohol use, abuse or addiction, management of your Anxiety and collaboration with Gastroenterologist.